How to Increase Brand Visibility: 3 Strategies

Ken Roberts

It’s the question on the mind of marketers and advertisers everywhere: how do you make your brand stand out online?

With all the noise out there, attention comes at a price. Often, it’s a hefty one. The cost of digital ads alone has increased by 12 percent within the last two years.

Where do you secure brand placements? How much should you spend on them? What results does better brand visibility actually produce?

Effectively answer these questions and expect your brand to secure real lift, visibility and value from its outreach efforts. On the other hand, fail to answer these questions and you may be spending more money, time and energy for less result.

So how can you get better brand visibility?

Our research and proprietary data show that there are three major strategies.

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Programmatic: Quantity and Quality?

Jordan Kramer


What percentage of your cross-channel media plan includes programmatic? Do the myths of programmatic buying, such as "subpar" quality, influence your planning? Last week, Pathmatics CEO Gabe Gottlieb spoke at MediaPost’s OMMA Conference in Los Angeles on the relationship between programmatic quantity and quality. Dispelling many of the current myths that programmatic placements are cheap, poor quality and not worth the investment; see how programmatic is on the rise - both up the page and in total spend and impressions across channels.
Check out the full presentation below and download the slides here.
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Our Top 3 Favorite Landing Page Designs and Why We Love Them

Jordan Kramer

Top spenders in the paid advertising space, across industries from financial services to travel, spend millions of dollars on paid digital ads every month to attract, engage and convert prospects. From June 2015 to May 2016, Capital One Financial group alone spent an estimated $163 million on desktop, according to Pathmatics data. Verizon and Proctor & Gamble trailed close behind.

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Who Topped Digital Advertising in Q1 2016? We Have the Answer.

Jordan Kramer

Which brands were the top digital advertisers across desktop, mobile and video in Q1 2016?

Which advertising categories were the most popular?

Finally, brands can gain full transparency into digital ad spending right now. Thanks to ad intelligence platforms, brands and advertisers can do things like:

  • See any brand’s digital buying strategy, detailing publisher direct deals, programmatic buys, and exactly what DSPs and ad networks they’re using.
  • Negotiate better programmatic and direct deals by assessing available inventory.
  • Audit ad activity to prevent ad fraud and avoid arbitrage, as well as ensure creatives are running on contracted sites through efficient purchasing channels.
  • Evaluate partners by seeing information on DSPs, ad networks and agency partners, including their top clients, publishers and if they’re working with your competitors.

Using our data, we compiled the Q1 2016 Top Digital Advertisers report. The report breaks down the top 10 advertisers and direct advertisers across desktop, mobile and video platforms in Q1 2016. It also details how impressions were purchased and which ad categories were most popular.

Here's what we found.

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About Pathmatics

Pathmatics provides unique, actionable insights that deliver a proven competitive edge to Brands, Agencies, Adtech, and Publishers.

Ad buyers use Pathmatics’ competitive ad intelligence to optimize their branding and advertising while outsmarting their competitors. Ad sellers use Pathmatics to increase revenue with data-informed prospecting and insight-driven proposals.

Pathmatics is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA and is backed by Upfront Ventures, BDMI, and other leading venture funds.

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