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10 Brands Banking on Your New Year's Resolutions

By Jordan Kramer on Jan 15, 2016 5:46:19 PM

Now that we're two weeks into 2016, how are your resolutions (if you made any) going?  According to The Huffington Post, the most popular resolution for the New Year was "live life to its fullest," followed by living a healthier lifestyle, losing weight, reducing debt and saving cash, all of which creating great advertising opportunities for brands to capitalize on. From the Health & Fitness category to Finance, Travel and Education - brands know to target the sweet spot between Christmas and New Year's Day when hopeful and optimistic consumers are deciding which resolution route to go.  With that in mind, brands are putting more and more digital resources into play during this time to win your hard-earned dollars.

Here's a look at 10 brands banking on your New Year's resolutions, so much so that they increased their impression share during the holidays by over 1.5x compared to their 30 day average across US desktop (Pathmatics Data, 12/25/15-1/8/16).  We included the largest spike day for each advertiser in addition to their purchasing strategy and top three sites.  Cheers!

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