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The Top Display and Mobile Ad Networks in Q2

By Jordan Kramer on Aug 25, 2017 4:15:00 PM

During Q2, over $2.7B was spent by the top 500 advertisers across desktop, mobile, and video. On desktop, direct buys fueled the majority of ad spend, but ad networks took in thirteen percent of spend and delivered 38% of display impressions. On mobile, ad networks represented fifteen percent of the total spend share for the top 500 advertisers and were responsible for 40% of mobile impressions.

Which ad networks raked in the most money and fueled the most digital impressions during Q2? 

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The Biggest Advertising Budgets in Q2 [Report]

By Jordan Kramer on Aug 10, 2017 5:01:08 PM

Over $2.7 billion was spent on digital advertising by the top 500 advertisers across devices during Q2 2017. Tax software companies faded off as their season came to a close, allowing room for other top ad spenders to climb to the top of the rankings. Samsung and LG heated up across digital, competiting neck-in-neck with each other by spend and impressions. Desktop buyers continuted to prefer direct deals, over programmatic, accounting for the majority of spend from the top 500 advertisers. And, upped their digital presence with a huge desktop video push during Q2, gaining the brand 2.4B impressions.

See which advertisers had the biggest advertising budgets during the quarter with our exclusive Q2 Top Advertisers Report and read on for more highlights.

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Which Brands Spent the Most on Digital Advertising in Q1? We Have the Answer.

By Jordan Kramer on Jun 21, 2017 3:30:00 PM

The First Quarter is always marked by a ramp-up in advertising from the Health & Fitness category, a surge from the tax software industry, the continuance of Financial Services marketing to pay off those holiday gifts, and one of the largest sporting events of the year. Q1 2017 saw the same consistent trends spotted year after year, with the emergence of some new brands to grace the top ten ad spend rankings across devices.
Over $2.7 billion  was spent on digital advertising by the top 500 advertisers across devices, see which advertisers were spending the most in our exclusive report and read on for highlights.
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April's Top 5 Mobile Advertising Spenders

By Jordan Kramer on Jun 12, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Mobile advertising is still fighting for share of budget amongst the top digital advertisers as brands focus on display and video, but the device-type is still bringing in cash. The top 500 mobile ad spenders invested over $75M on mobile placements during the month of April led by Clarus Commerce, Procter & Gamble, and TurboTax. As the Tax Season deadline approached in early April, TurboTax turned up the awareness campaigns to reach those last-minute tax filers.
Direct buys dominated mobile buying overall, consuming 77% of the total spend for the device-type and returning 39% of the mobile impression share. Google AdX+AdSense was the top partner on mobile, raking in 7% of mobile spend for the month of April while garnering 15% of the impressions. Amazon’s mobile ad network took in 4% of spend share, yet delivered 17% of the mobile impressions. All in all, ad networks accounted for the majority of mobile impressions during the month with 43% share. Direct buys followed, bringing in 39% of impressions.
See how the top five mobile ad spenders allocated their budgets, the percentage of spend that was directed to mobile, top sites, and buying partners. To download the entire April Top Advertisers report for 2017 detailing the top spenders and advertisers by impression volume across display, mobile, and video, click here.
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How The Top Financial Services Digital Advertisers Were Spending in Q4

By Jordan Kramer on May 8, 2017 4:01:00 PM

Digital ad spend for the Financial Services Category dropped to $460M in the Fourth Quarter of 2016, down from $541M the previous quarter. While Q3 saw a 22 percent surge from the $443M spent by the category in Q2, the spike was short-lived and dropped back under $500M at the end of the year. 
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Who Are the Top Advertisers in Travel? We Have the Answer

By Jordan Kramer on Mar 23, 2017 3:00:00 PM

January brings winter weather to many parts of the United States, and the desire to escape along with it—if the ad spending of travel companies is any indication. Firms in this sector spent more than $67 million from January 1-January 31, 2017 on digital advertising. Top brands like Carnival Cruise Lines, Expedia and Disney jockeyed for eyeballs and attention across desktop, mobile and video, both by spending directly with advertisers and indirectly with ad networks.

Who reigned supreme in the quest for consumer attention? We looked at proprietary Pathmatics data to find out the top advertisers for this period.

Read on to pull back the curtain on January 2017 media brand ad spend.

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January's Top Digital Advertisers

By Jordan Kramer on Mar 15, 2017 5:30:00 PM

New Year, new taxes to file! In January, brands such as TurboTax and TaxACTbegan their digital campaigns to kick off tax season, each attacking separate device types to gain brand awareness. TurboTax invested the most on digital out of the tax sector, coming in as the top digital spender overall across desktop, mobile, desktop video, and mobile video. The gloves are officially off as tax software brands battle it out until early April. What’s even more interesting is the spend patterns we identified below from the top tax spender.

Feature films had a big month on digital, with blockbusters such as XXX: Return of Xander Cage Movie turning to display advertising to ramp up awareness (and ticket sales) for the premiere. If you weren’t at the movies, travel brands were looking to target you on mobile video, ramping up presence on the device-type. Over $858M was spent on digital by the top 500 advertisers across devices, see which advertisers were spending the most in our exclusive January Top Advertisers Report, and read on for the top highlights.

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Q4's Top Digital Advertisers 2016

By Jordan Kramer on Feb 15, 2017 4:30:00 PM

With the close of the Fourth Quarter, you may be experiencing the dreaded holiday hangover and a bit of a lighter wallet. But we're not the only ones, as many of the largest advertisers on digital feel our pain. The Fourth Quarter ended strong with over $1.8B spent on display advertising alone by the top 500 advertisers, up $228M from Q3. Auto and Retail made a strong showing with momentum from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and year-end holiday sales. Amazon opened their coffers to invest in their network of original shows and content, so much so that they were the top digital ad spender across desktop, mobile, and video for Q4. Google AdX + AdSense delivered the most impressions across channels, making them the top digital partner for the quarter. 

Download the full Q4 Top Advertisers Report.
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December's Top Digital Advertisers

By Jordan Kramer on Feb 7, 2017 5:00:00 PM

Coming off record-breaking Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays, Amazon was December's largest advertiser by spend on digital, whopping out nearly $40M from December 1st - 31st. Several other top spenders continued strong digital advertising campaigns across device-types, like Merck & Co. and Procter & Gamble.

While it was the holiday season, Retail ranked as the third top digital category by impression volume for the month of December, beat out by Financial Services and Auto. The top ten digital advertisers by spend and impression across device-types represent a multitude of different categories, and strategies. See below for a look at the rankings and to download the December Top Advertisers Report in its entirety, click here.
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The Advertising Strategies Behind The Top Financial Services Digital Ad Spenders in Q3

By Jordan Kramer on Jan 19, 2017 2:00:00 PM

The Financial Services category continues to lead across the digital advertising landscape, fueling much of the ad dollars spent online - and reaping the most impressions. As the world becomes increasingly more connected online, there is a growing audience of consumers who shop and bank online on a daily basis. Financial services advertisers know that in order to find success, they must use a variety of digital channels to target their audience.
Digital spend for the financial services category topped $541 million across desktop, mobile, and video channels in the Third Quarter of 2016 alone. That number - up 22% from Q2 - was comprised mostly of desktop advertising dollars. Desktop advertising consumed 62% of the category’s digital spend, showing that while mobile and video are valuable device types, financial services advertisers continue to prefer display placements.
Our data provides valuable insights into financial services advertising, including buying trends, direct vs. programmatic spend, device types, and more. We analyzed the breakdown of digital ad spend in Q3 to provide deeper insight into the financial services sector’s advertising strategies. Read on for highlights and be sure to download your copy of the newly released  Q3 Top Financial Services Advertisers Report.
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