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Programmatic is problematic, but growing: MAGNA’s 2018 Programmatic Intelligence update

By Sarah Fleishman on Oct 16, 2018 10:43:35 AM

A decade in, and the programmatic industry is still struggling with a number of long-standing issues around transparency. Years of brand safety concerns, outright fraud, and murky metrics have formed the foundations of an opaque system in need of an overhaul. Brands and consumers alike are pressing for change and greater clarity.

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New Partnership with Kantar Media to Power Facebook Advertising Offering

By Jordan Kramer on Sep 19, 2018 6:30:00 AM

We are excited to announce the launch of an exclusive partnership with Kantar Media to power social advertising data into their suite of digital offerings. One of our goals has always been to promote transparency in digital advertising, and forging a relationship with one of the world's largest global media intelligence companies allows us to service even more marketers on a daily basis.

Social advertising data is crucial to the planning and execution of today’s media strategies. By incorporating this level of intelligence in your day-to-day, marketers are able to act and react more efficiently in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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Kaeping Up With Nike's Digital Strategy

By Jordan Kramer on Sep 13, 2018 1:32:51 PM

If you’re in the marketing and advertising world, you’ve no doubt seen Nike’s newest campaign that dropped last week featuring estranged NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The powerful and shocking ads range from print to video showcasing the former footballer with the taglines “It’s only crazy until you do it” and “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything."
What does Nike’s choice say about the status of marketing in in 2018? Responses are still rolling in, with some burning their Nike products, to others celebrating the campaign’s stance. Overall, it was a risky move for the brand that fortunately seems to be working. Here’s a look at the company’s most recent campaign and how their strategy stacks up to competitors.
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Agencies Are Facing an Ad Transparency Crisis (and What To Do About It)

By Jordan Kramer on Sep 10, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Did you know hidden programmatic advertising fees called “tech taxes” account for more than half of all programmatic spend? According to Warc, over $30 billion of the $63.4 billion spent on programmatic advertising went to technology vendors in 2017.

The lack of transparency in digital advertising has caused major brands to create their own in-house ad agencies. In fact, an Association of National Advertisers report shows that a full 35% of brands have brought programmatic in-house largely thanks to transparency concerns.

On top of that, Facebook, Google, Amazon and others are now competing to be the ad delivery platforms of the future, cutting into traditional agency lines of business. According to The Atlantic, 90% of the growth in digital advertising went to Facebook and Google alone in 2017.

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Why World-Class Onboarding and Support Matters When Purchasing an Ad Intelligence Tool

By Jordan Kramer on Aug 9, 2018 10:00:00 AM

The State of Marketing Technology 2017 study from WalkerSands shows 24% of marketers see implementation and integration as a challenge. 

While 24% doesn’t sound that significant, implementation is still an obstacle preventing brands from investing in an ad intelligence tool.

Think about it. What could be worse? You just spent all this money on a platform you thought would help your team build winning and effective campaigns, but nobody can figure out how to use it. 

Now, maybe not all digital ad intelligence platforms are difficult to implement, but they still take time. And the longer it takes to learn a new solution, the longer it takes to see results.

Read on to learn why customer support matters when purchasing an ad intelligence tool, and how Pathmatics provides the world-class onboarding you need for easy implementation.

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Takeovers & Social: How Summer Movie Blockbusters Are Strategizing on Digital

By Jordan Kramer on Aug 6, 2018 9:00:11 AM

Summer 2018’s blockbusters have a common theme: each one builds on earlier franchises. The summer movie season, defined as the first Friday in May through Labor Day Weekend, is filled with characters most of us have seen before – whether animated, comic book hero, from a galaxy far away, or even…a dinosaur.  And several of them also share a digital advertising strategy.

Read on to see how this summer’s top movies are advertising online with digital insights from each film’s ad strategy over time across device-types. 

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How to Show Executives the Value of Pathmatics

By Jordan Kramer on Aug 3, 2018 5:00:00 PM

As a marketer or advertiser, creative campaign ideas keep you up at night. Other items occupying your mind: competitive messaging, targeting the right audience...the list goes on.

So you get why an ad intelligence tool like Pathmatics will transform your advertising operation.

The question is, though: How will you sell it to your executive team?

What pain points keep leadership up at night? According to research from Kapost, “To best appeal to them [C-level executives], make the ROI proof points of your technology easily digestible and undeniable.” 

So, in the following post we’ve done just that. Read on for three key points to present to the C-suite to prove the impact of Pathmatics.

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Pathmatics Scales to Meet Unprecedented Demand and Grows Executive Team

By Jordan Kramer on Jul 27, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Our team is enthusiastic to announce the expansion of our leadership team as Pathmatics grows to solve more of the digital ad industry’s biggest issues. From recently adding social insights to our platform, to routinely delivering visibility and insights across the ad space, it is an exciting time for our team! Welcome aboard to William Merchan, Pathmatics' new CMO, and Pushkar  Choudhuri, CFO.

“We are thrilled to have William and Pushkar join the team at Pathmatics. They bring a deep understanding of strategic marketing, finance, data science, corporate development and analytics,” said Gabe Gottlieb, founder and CEO of Pathmatics. “As we grow the team globally and expand our relationships with agencies, advertisers and publishers we see this as the ideal time to expand our executive team to drive the next phase of growth for Pathmatics.”

Read on for more details from our recent press release.

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Usage Guide: How to Get Started with Pathmatics in 15 Minutes or Less

By Jordan Kramer on Jul 26, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Welcome to Pathmatics! It’s time to gain some transparency into the world of digital advertising.

When you first start using any new technology, it can be overwhelming. At Pathmatics, we’re aware of that—and we’re here to walk you through the six simple steps to getting started with our tool. 

Here’s how to get started with Pathmatics’ key functionalities. In no time, you’ll be making smarter decisions about your digital advertising strategy.

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What Is Social Ad Intelligence (and Why Should You Care)?

By Jordan Kramer on Jul 20, 2018 5:08:02 PM

Nearly 1.5 billion daily active users logged on to Facebook last quarter. That’s almost 20% of the world’s population. 

This is good news if you’re a digital advertiser. 

Think about it. Social networks make it possible for brands to connect with billions of consumers around the world.

But there’s one problem with having such a large audience. How are you supposed to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns? 

That’s where Pathmatics comes in.

Read on to learn about Pathmatics social capabilities and how you can use these features to improve your social media advertising plan.

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