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Fueled By The Current Political Climate, Top Publishers Use Social To Target New Readers

By Jordan Kramer on Jan 17, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Publishers using another publisher to increase brand awareness and expand readership? In an age where the political climate continues to make front-page news on a daily basis, this is the case with Facebook advertising. Top publishers are using the social platform to target new and returning users with their digital advertising campaigns.
Many of those publishers are focusing the majority of their digital ad budgets on social campaigns alone.
How does this look across some of the Nation’s top outlets that offer online subscriptions, like the New York Times, LA Times, and The Washington Post? Here’s a look at how those three publishers are incorporating social into their ad strategy, and how their strategy has evolved over time.
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4 Terrifying Digital Ad Mistakes to Avoid

By Jordan Kramer on Jan 4, 2018 10:00:00 AM

If you have any resolutions for your 2018 campaigns, one should be to avoid common digital ad mistakes. Starting a New Year off fresh and inventive on the creative front is always a tall order, so we’ve scoped out some of the best practices to keep in mind while you’re planning.

Here’s a look at some very scary—and very real—ad mistakes that we see brands make all the time.

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An Inside Look at the Brands with the Biggest Holiday Budgets

By Jordan Kramer on Jan 3, 2018 10:00:00 AM

What does your holiday and New Year budget look like?

AdAge reported that, for the first time in 2016, digital advertising surpassed TV with $72 billion in revenue. It’s no surprise that a majority of that ad spend occurred during the holiday season—the most wonderful time of the year for retailers indeed.

So, the question is, how much would a brand actually need to spend on holiday advertising to compete with the season’s biggest spenders?

Thanks to digital ad intelligence, we analyzed budgets of three of the top digital ad spenders in their respective industries. Read on for data and insights from the 2016 holiday season (Nov. 1 – Jan. 1) and take notes from last year’s dominant spenders.

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5 Creative Ways to Use Ad Intelligence Software in Your Next Campaign

By Jordan Kramer on Dec 21, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Each and every one of your brand’s marketing campaigns are unique, thoughtful and intentional. So, why not ensure your advertising strategy follows suit?

Using native ad intelligence, you can conduct more agile advertising powered by analytics and historical data. With detailed insight into the performance of previous campaigns, as well as competitor campaigns, advertisers can continue to evolve and develop more sophisticated strategies.   

After all, the most successful advertisers are also the most agile. That being said, below are five creative ways to apply ad intelligence insights to your next campaign.

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7 Tips to Plan a More Impactful Ad Budget in 2018

By Jordan Kramer on Dec 18, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Planning an advertising budget is a double-edged sword.

It’s both an empowering job and a crushing responsibility. When possible, ensure that your budget allocation is supported by performance-based metrics and historical data. Luckily, you can use ad intelligence to discover what’s working and what’s not.

But sometimes—to truly growth hack your program—you might need to take intelligent risks.

Below are seven tips to reinvent your ad strategy in 2018, and take your ad program to new heights in the New Year.

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50% of Travel Brands Are Buying Programmatically

By Jordan Kramer on Dec 6, 2017 6:02:31 PM

From online booking sites, to airlines, hotel companies, and all of the cruise lines in between, the travel category is a major contender in the digital advertising space. As the category becomes more competitive and crowded with the emergence of new brands and forms of direct booking, digital ad spend continues to climb. By 2020, eMarketer estimates that the category’s digital advertising spend will rise to $8.28 billion, up from an estimated $5.69 billion in 2016.

How are travel advertisers buying across digital? We have the answers.

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4 Reasons to Learn What Sites Your Competitors Advertise On

By Jordan Kramer on Nov 21, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Your brand is different from the competition. You sell better products and services. You have more talented people. And you’re truly committed to serving your customers. The only problem is: Prospects don’t always know that.

You have to educate them on why your brand isn’t like the others selling in your space. But to do that, you need to get your message across more effectively than the competition does. After all, if the only advertisement a prospect sees is for your top competitor, it doesn’t matter how much better you are—they don’t know who you are or why you exist. 

The first—and most important—step to countering the competition’s message is understanding which sites they advertise on. To do this, you’ll need an ad intelligence solution. Ad intelligence solutions like Pathmatics use proprietary data to track where and how brands spend on digital ads, and the impressions they receive. This data, in turn, provides a competitive advantage to brands serious about maximizing their return on ad spend.

Here are four reasons you’ll want to learn what sites your competition advertises on as soon as possible.

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How to Boost Desktop Impressions for Your Next Campaign

By Jordan Kramer on Nov 20, 2017 10:00:00 AM

You might be prepped with intriguing brand messaging, well-designed creatives, and an intentional ad strategy. But, are you satisfied with reach? 

The only way to make an impact is to be seen—on the right channel by the right audience. The good news is, you don’t necessarily need to flip your entire ad strategy; maybe it just needs tweaking to boost impressions. 

In this post, we’ve included three quick tips to increase desktop impressions for your next campaign.

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How to Get More Out of Your Programmatic Budget Using Ad Intelligence

By Jordan Kramer on Oct 25, 2017 9:30:00 AM

Sometimes, there just isn’t any more money left for your programmatic budget. No matter how successful a campaign or how important the strategy, you may encounter a hard stop on the amount you can secure for your advertising efforts. 

When that happens, it’s time to do more with less. And one way to get a ton more value out of your existing ad budget is by using ad intelligence software in four creative—and money-stretching—ways.

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3 Trends in Digital Advertising: H1 2017 Roundup

By Ken Roberts on Oct 11, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Pathmatics gives brand managers a massive amount of data right at their fingertips. But volume of data isn’t enough. It must be used sensibly if you want to improve your digital advertising strategy.

The rise of automated ad buying over the past few years has created a more complex, less transparent advertising industry that leaves brand managers with unanswered questions like, “Am I spending my budget efficiently?” or “Where is my budget really going?”

It also leaves us questioning what our competitors are doing, and where the industry is headed. With such a lack of transparency, it’s hard to know how effective or competitive your ad spend strategies really are. 

Pathmatics cuts through the confusion with ad intelligence software powerful enough to not only identify where brands are spending, but also piece together the path each ad took before it was delivered to the audience. For the sake of a more transparent digital advertising world, we wanted to share this proprietary data with you.

Here are some of our top insights on the state of digital in 2017, based on H1 data.

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