How to Effectively Restructure Your PPC Display Account in 4 Steps

Jordan Kramer

Whether you’ve just inherited a new account, or you’re now in a position to make crucial account decisions, you may be thinking about an account restructure. This isn’t something you enter lightly. Shifting a PPC account around can dramatically affect the campaign’s metrics, but not always in a positive way.

So naturally, you need to make sure you don’t miss a beat. From pinpointing the true issues with the current structure, to building out a new plan, each step is pivotal to your success on the account.

No worries, you can handle it. But just to make sure you stay on track, here are the 4 major steps to restructuring a PPC account.

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Choosing the Best Websites to Advertise On — Part 1, Getting Started

Jordan Kramer

It has never been more important to determine which sites your brand advertises on.

For one thing, transparency into where your ads appear is critical, as ad networks find themselves under fire for placing brand ads next to hateful content online.

Second, audiences are becoming much more selective about the advertising they consume. In fact, 81% of consumers have closed a browser or exited a webpage because of an ad, according to HubSpot data. 

This means that placing your ads on the right sites is more important than ever. 

But current ad platforms make this extremely difficult. The industry is facing a serious crisis because many ad networks can’t guarantee where ads will be placed. The damage to brand equity and company perception can be immense when ad placements don’t align with brand goals. 

And good luck actually deciding strategically where to put your ads based on legitimate, useful data.

That is, unless you have an ad intelligence solution.

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Topics: How to Build More Effective Ad Campaigns

The Biggest 2017 Challenges for Digital Advertisers and How to Tackle Them

Jordan Kramer

The digital advertising space is constantly changing, yet some challenges remain the same. Have ad blockers presented a problem for you in the past? Well, that’s not going away anytime soon. Ad costs getting a little too high over the last few years? Don’t expect that to change.

Here’s what you can expect as a digital advertiser in 2017, and how you can tackle these problems head-on during the second half of the year.

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